Scholarship Fund

scholarship fundWe are committed to making Wintergreen accessible to participants who may not be able to afford the tuition fees. Help us meet that goal by partnering with us through our Scholarship Fund so that we might offer qualified participants a 20% discount on tuition and an additional 15% discount on accommodations.

Your donation brings greater diversity to Wintergreen by supporting youth, elders, volunteers, and students. Every dollar counts, and every dollar donated to the Wintergreen Scholarship Fund will be matched by the Board of Directors, doubling the effect of your gift.

Click HERE to contact Karen Smereka to make your donation or to apply for a tuition scholarship.

“You know I've always wanted to break the moulds which life forms around one if one lets them. I want to trespass boundaries, erase all identifications, anything which fixes one permanently into one mould, one place without hope of change.”

- Anais Nin