Making Music with iSCORE

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iSCORE is a web-based tool to help students make music. Its design is based on over a decade of research on how students learn to become independent musicians. This electronic portfolio has been created to promote independence and to engage students fully in their music learning while interacting with their teachers, parents, and peers. Students can use iSCORE to learn repertoire through notation or by ear. There are features to enable students to link to sequencing and notation software, record themselves, and paste links of their favourite performances into their portfolios. Students can share their work with other students and with their teacher through iSCORE, and similarly, iSCORE can help teachers provide ongoing support to students by viewing students’ work or disseminating materials for students. This book introduces users to the features of iSCORE and the underlying learning cycle (planning, doing, and reflecting). This guide also contains teaching strategies and exemplars that teachers can use in the teaching and learning process.

by Julia Brook (Author), Einat Idan (Author), Elaine Lau (Contributor), Joseph Ferretti (Contributor), Rena Upitis (Contributor), Heidi Saario (Contributor), Janet Lopinski (Contributor), Anne Wade (Contributor), Julia Fountain (Contributor)