Lighting the Global Lantern

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7” x 10” pb, 212 pages
poetry/teaching methods and materials
June 2011

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Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Haiku and Related Literary Forms is designed for secondary school and college educators and their students, and anyone with a teen-aged spirit who wants to learn more about the aha! poetry of our time. The guide leads them through the history, forms, and beauty of Japanese poetry. Most of the work is on haiku, but there are also chapters on haibun, tanka, and haiga. Traditional and contemporary examples of all four forms appear throughout, along with ideas for classroom instruction and a wealth of print and web-based resources.

For thirty-five years, Terry Ann Carter has taught language arts to students from Kindergarten to college. She was the Random Acts of Poetry poet for the city of Ottawa from 2005 to 2009, and Education Chair for the League of Canadian Poets. Terry Ann participated in the 2004 Basho Festival in Ueno, Japan, and co-founded the Ottawa KaDo haiku group. She has published four books of haiku and three collections of lyric poetry. Terry Ann is committed to poetry in service to the global community. You can find out more about her other work and activities on her website.

Praise for Lighting the Global Lantern:

Perhaps when you have read your copy of LANTERN, you will know what to do next… every writing/arts teacher you know should own a copy. And every school board newsletter editor should be acquainted with this book. For haiku to move forward in this century, this is the book that will make the evolution possible …LANTERN resonates equally as a general field guide to some of the best haiku, and best thinking about haiku, that has occurred in North America in recent years. Terry Ann Carter did not miss her mark.

LIN GEARY, Haiku Canada Review

Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Haiku and Related  Literary Forms is clear and easy to read. It will serve as a fine resource for teachers who want to take their students beyond counting syllables to a better understanding of the true nature of haiku.

MARCO FRATICELLI, haiku poet/educator/musician/editor.