BioBlitz 2017

This workshop is part of the spring celebration series: Land Art


Wednesday May  24 (10 am) to SUNDAY May 28 (2 pm), 2017

Free event – come for an hour, come for a day, come for the entire stretch!

Bioblitz newsJoin us for the third annual Wintergreen BioBlitz. Our goal for this year’s BioBlitz is to identify over 750 living species at Wintergreen.  Help us meet our goal! Learn to love our Mother Earth by coming to know her amazing diversity during the Wintergreen 2017 BioBlitz.

This is a rain or shine event. Come one, come all! You’re welcome to join us for a few hours, for several days, or for the entire event. There will be workshops, hikes, art-making, and other educational offerings throughout the five-day period.

Why hold a BioBlitz?

The goal of a BioBlitz is to bring together scientists and naturalists, along with members of the general public, to identify as many plants, animals, microbes, fungi, and other organisms as possible, typically over a 24-hour period. This inventory of living things in an area provides a baseline for observing future changes that could occur due to global warming or invasive species. The BioBlitz is an international movement — they are held all over the world as we all try and learn more about our planet’s diversity and ecosystems, and learn to live in harmony with all living species. But you may have noticed that Wintergreen’s BioBlitz takes place over a five-day period…

How is the Wintergreen BioBlitz different?

Bioblitz 2017

This year, instead of identifying as many living organisms as possible in a 24-hour period, we’re planning a “slowBioBlitz, to be held over several days. The idea will be to mirror and honour the Slow Food movement with our Slow BioBlitz.

In response to the 1986 promise of a McDonald’s restaurant opening near the Spanish Steps in Rome, Carlo Petrini founded a movement that has come to be known as Slow Food ( The movement has expanded globally; there are over 100,000 official members in 150 countries, in addition to the millions of local farmers, chefs, and consumers who embrace the slow food tenets without being official members ( Slow food advocates are committed to enjoying the pleasures of good food in combination with a commitment to community and the environment. The slow food movement highlights traditional and regional cooking, and encourages the cultivation of plants, seeds, and livestock that are characteristic of local ecosystems.

Slow food is part of a larger movement, which calls for a cultural shift in slowing down the pace of life. We try and do this with our activities at Wintergreen. And we will slow down the pace of the BioBlitz as well, letting it unfold over five days so that we can be more mindful as we learn about species on the land, and so that we can involve more people in the BioBlitz itself. By including several school days, we will be able to bring classes of elementary and secondary students to the BioBlitz, building on the work that occurred in the 2016 BioBlitz. And these students will not only be involved in species identification, but also learn how poetry and art both honour and extend the beauty and complexities of the natural world.

What can we do besides count species?

BioBlitz 2017

During the Wintegreen BioBlitz there will be educational sessions where participants  can learn about various species, including reptiles and amphibians, trees and plants, insects and birds. There will also be a variety of arts activities — sketching, creating sculptures and installations with found objects, poetry writing and reading.

How about food?

You’re more than welcome to bring your own food and snacks. There will also be canteen with food for sale for those who would prefer to purchase snacks and meals.

Can we spend the night?

Yes. We have a tenting area (bring your own tent), as well as rooms in the Wintergreen lodge and woodland cabins. We’re offering rooms and cabins at a reduced rate for the BioBlitz at $50/night. If you are interested in rooms or cabins, please contact Diane Black at, with your dates and lodging preferences.