Workshops, workshops, and more BioBlitz workshops!

Save The Salamanders

Matt Ellerbeck

Learn about the amazing world of salamanders! Join the Matt Ellerbeck (aka The Salamander Man) for an insightful talk on nature’s tailed amphibians. Receive information on the conservation of these rarely seen animals. This workshop will feature live salamander species, both local and exotic. Come out and see these colorful and charming salamanders up close!

Wed. May 24 @ 11am, Thurs. May 25 @ 9am & 11am


Marie Bencze

In addition to their beauty, pollinators provide an important link in our environment by moving pollen between flowers and ensuring the growth of seeds and fruits. Marie loves to teach people about honeybees and native pollinators, and their gigantic contribution to feeding us! We hope that with more information, participants will lose some of the fears associated with insects. In this workshop, groups will explore the roles of pollinators, and take action! Bringing in simple materials, Marie will assemble a ‘bee condo’ with the group that can later be installed in a garden to help encourage habitat for native bees.

Wed. May 24 @ 12:30pm, Thurs. May 25 @ 1pm

Photo courtesy of Ana Muira

Jesse Stewart

Composer/musician/artist/educator Jesse Stewart will lead groups on a series of soundwalks throughout the Wintergreen Studios grounds, encouraging participants to listen as closely as possible to the soundscape, the immersive sonic environment that surrounds us. Together, we will listen to—and reflect on—the “geophony” (earth sounds), the “biophony” (animal sounds), and the “anthrophony” (people sounds). Each soundwalk will culminate in a soundscape-inspired interactive musical workshop that will take place inside a geodesic dome.

Wed. May 24 @ 12:30pm, Thurs. May 25 @ 12:30pm, Fri. May 26 @ 10:30am & 12:30pm, Sat. May 27 @ 2pm, Sun. May 28 @ 8am

Japanese Viewing Party

Monica Capovilla and/or Rena Upitis

A Viewing Party is an activity designed by a group called The Institute for Earth Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people of all ages live more harmoniously and joyously with the natural world. 

Borrowing from a Japanese tradition in which a person might invite guests for a special “viewing” of a single flower reaching the peak of its bloom, The Institute for Earth Education classifies Viewing Parties as “solitude-enhancing” activities, whose criteria include the following: focus on being alone, in direct contact with the elements of life (light, air, water, and soil); include specific things to do but gradually wean you away from a regular need for such tools; emphasize both relating to the natural world and relating the natural world to yourself; utilize and strengthen such nonverbal skills as watching, waiting, receiving; and involve you in a personal realization and appreciation of the flow of life.

Wed. May 24 @ 7:30pm, Sat. May 27 @ 7:30pm

Wild Edibles

Marie Bencze

In this session, Marie will guide the groups to think critically about industrial and convenience foods while touring the woods with foraging in mind. Through hands-on discovery, participants will learn about incorporating wild foods into their lifestyles, identification of key spring plants, availability of wild edible foods, and mindful harvesting. In a bountiful season, there may be snacking as part of this workshop. There is food everywhere!

Thurs. May 25 @ 10:30am

Slime Moulds: Half “Animal”, Half “Plant” … totally cool 

Richard Aaron

Myxomyetes, or slime moulds, are some of the most intriguing organisms on the planet. Come to this evening talk to find out why. After the talk, you will have an opportunity for a close-up look at some specimens.

Thurs. May 25 @ 6:30pm

Music Jam Session

Jesse Stewart

Get up close and personal with Jesse Stewart — composer, musician, artist, educator.  Join Jesse for an informal, interactive music jam, where we see the Wintergreen Studios main lodge come alive with a cacophony of sounds. Rumour has it that Jesse will be bringing along a “reactable”, an electronic instrument used to make and play back recordings of nature. Imagine being able to create a frog chorus with your very own hands!

Everyone welcome and no experience necessary. Some variety of instruments will be provided but feel free to bring your own!

Thurs. May 25 @ 8:30pm

Birding for Beginners

Richard Aaron

Learn the basics of birding by sight (bring binoculars is you have them) and sound (many birds are heard rather than seen). We will also discuss some interesting bird behaviours.

Fri. May 26 @ 9:30am

Trees: Nature’s Silent Sentinels

Richard Aaron

Trees play many fundamental roles in the ecosystem. Find out why they are so important and also learn to identify a variety of species. We will also explore the crucial relationships that trees have with fungi.

Fri. May 26 @ 12pm

Wildflower Names & Meanings

Richard Aaron

Discover how the Dandelion, Stinking Benjamin and many other plants got their names. The stories are sure to intrigue you.

Fri. May 26 @ 3pm

Moth Nightbioblitz news

Richard Aaron

If weather conditions are favourable (>+12ºC, not too windy, no rain), we will set up mercury vapour lights to attract a variety of moths to sheets, giving us a beautiful display of some of our rarely seen nocturnal moth species. If we do, the event will be preceded by an indoor intro talk and Q & A.  (Bring insect repellent for outdoor portion!)

Fri. May 26 @ 8:15pm

Wildflowers: Identification, Ecology & Natural History

Richard Aaron

Learn to identify a variety of early spring wildflowers. We will also discuss the interesting lives that many of these plants lead.

Sat. May 27 @ 9am

Dragonflies & Damselflies: Aerial Acrobats & Hunters

Richard Aaron

Using a net, the leader will catch and identify some of the early-season species that will hopefully be flying (and release them afterwards). We will also discuss some of the interesting features and lifestyles of these creatures.

Sat. May 27 @ 12pm

Birds, birds, birds!

Bronwyn Harkness

Ever heard a bird singing and wondered what it was? Come and learn about some of the local birds and what they’re singing about! This interactive workshop is great for beginner birders (both young and old). Don’t forget to bring your binoculars so we can look as well as listen!

Sun. May 28 @ 10am