Some Days Just Noticing

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Publication date: February 18, 2017

The collection writing is born out of ritual: the grinding of coffee beans and the gathering of words, day after day, word after word. A poem to mark each day of the year. The poems come from a quiet place — think campfire rather than wildfire, fairy dust rather than fireworks. They arise from what beloved Kingston poet Bronwen Wallace called the stubborn particulars of grace: the stain on the sidewalk, the laundry on the line, the torn screen on the front porch door, March giving way to April. Some days just noticing.

Gary Rasberry. Philosopher. Poet. Imagination Consultant. Musician. Artist. Educator. With a PhD in education and over 20 years experience as an artist and an educator, Gary has held artist-in-residencies internationally, in California, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, nationally in British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario, and locally in his hometown of Kingston, Ontario.  This JUNO-nominated children’s artist offers Song, Story & Sound Workshops, and concert performances in schools everywhere. Gary has published two other poetry collections, As Though it Could be Otherwise (Studio 22 Idea Manufactory, 2011) and More Naked than Ever (Hidden Brook Press, 2013).