educationWintergreen develops education resources for teachers and students, as well as for guests and workshop participants, that focus on energy, local food, and traditional building practices and other forms of sustainable education. We are affiliated with The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, California. There, you will find a cornucopia of ideas and resources for educators interested in linking local food practices with school curricula.

Researching the ways that the arts and ecology impact student and adult learning is another of our core activities. Several of our board members and affiliates hold academic appointments at Canadian universities, and part of our work is to document how the offerings at Wintergreen have a wider effect on people’s habits. We are especially interested in tracking changes in people’s energy consumption and interest in purchasing and growing local food.

We have recently developed a whole cornucopia of resources for teachers and students, funded by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We began delivering these workshops in September 2013. By February 2014, nearly 600 attendees had taken part in our workshops and tours.