2017 Events at a Glance

Wintergreen is pleased to offer a variety of engaging workshops and events in a supportive, inspiring atmosphere. Our 2017 program is clustered around four seasonal celebration themes, marking the 10th anniversary of Wintergreen.  

April 1: An Evening with Ian Tamblyn  (evening event)

May 5: Buildings for a Changing Climate  

May 6: Celebrating Wintergreen: A Feast of Pleasures

May 15-21: A Call for Poets: Writing Retreat with Lorna Crozier

May 18: A Passion for Poetry with Lorna Crozier  (evening event)

May 24-28: BioBlitz 2017

May 24-28: Land Art with Jesse Stewart: Soundtalk/Soundwalk, Geodesic Dome, Music Jam & Art Installations

June 10: Medicine Walk and Salve Making

July 15: Creating a Labyrinth

July 22: Drum and Stick Making

July 28: Fiddlehead Soup: An Evening of Entertainment  (evening event)

July 29: Drum Awakening 

September 9: Power in the Climate Era 

September 21-22: Westport Trek: A Two-Day Pilgrimage Walk

September 22: Autumn Equinox Labyrinth Walk & Teachings  (evening event)

September 24: Fall Open House and Natural Homes Tour 2017

October 21: Camino: Launching Peter Coffman’s New Book  (evening event)

October 21-22: Stories of the Camino (and other long walks)

October 28: On Dying

December 21: Winter Solstice Labyrinth Walk  (evening event)

Teaching at Wintergreen

If you are interested in offering a workshop at Wintergreen, please download the pdf: Workshop Q & A for potential instructors.


“Land really is the best art.”

- Andy Warhol