Simple and comfortable  accommodations in a wide range of style and price are available for guests taking part in Wintergreen workshops and events. There are private and shared rooms in the lodge, as well as cabins and tenting sites. Bathrooms are shared. As one participant commented, staying at Wintergreen is a bit like summer camp for grown-ups – except the beds are much more comfortable and the food is delicious!

Our facilities are also available for rental for private retreats for individuals or couples (self-catering).


facilitiesThe lodge is constructed with straw bales, and the bedroom wing of the lodge is sheltered with a living roof with a drainage mat constructed from recycled materials. There are spacious windows in every room, with views to the meadow, forest, or pond. Delicious meals are provided in the great room in the lodge for workshops and events. Lodge accommodation includes one shared room with four single beds, two rooms with two single beds in each room, two rooms with double beds, and one room with a king-sized bed and en suite bathroom. For groups planning to rent the lodge for a group retreat, workshop, or event, download the event planning guide under the “retreats” tab to help you select the accommodation that suits you best.




Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.11.37 AM
King-sized Bedroom
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.10.41 AM
Twin Room

Our workshop meals feature organic and local foods. Most of our meals are vegetarian, although we serve fish and chicken for some of our evening meals. Produce and herbs from the courtyard garden are picked fresh throughout the day from spring through fall. Snacks, tea, and coffee are available 24 hours a day on a self-serve basis.


The Wintergreen lodge is accessible for guests with physical challenges. Our lodge is a one-storey facility, with amply proportioned entrances. Some of the trails and laneways immediately surrounding the lodge are also wheelchair accessible.

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One of the cabins – The Beach House – is minutes from the lodge, and like the lodge, is made primarily of straw bales. The remaining two cabins – The Parthenon and The Hobbit House – are close to a semi-private lake, some distance from the lodge. Guests park their cars at the trailhead before heading out to the woodland cabins. Cabins are single or double occupancy (same price). Meals are provided in the lodge during workshop sessions. There are limited cooking facilities in the cabins for personal retreats.

See below for more details on our woodland cabins.

Hobbit House

facilitiesThe Hobbit House overlooks a woodland glade and is about a 20 minute hike from the lodge. Nestled under a grove of pine trees, the cordwood construction and living roof will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are minimal cooking facilities (one burner), outdoor fire pit, and a “thunder box.”

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facilitiesThe Parthenon is a short distance from Paddy’s Lake, and a 20 minute hike from the lodge. It has a double futon, woodstove, and a loft (that can sleep two children snugly). The front porch is a wonderful place to catch the breezes from the lake and nearby stream. There are minimal cooking facilities (one burner). There is an outhouse is nearby.

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Beach House

IMG_2418The Beach House is tucked into a meadow just behind the main lodge. It is the only cabin that can be accessed by vehicle. It has a double futon. Access to the lodge can be arranged for Beach House guests for cooking and showering.

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Tent Sites

Tenting is available on designated sites in the summer months at a nominal fee. Sites have tent platforms, an outhouse, and a covered shelter for light cooking. Meals are served in the great room of the lodge during workshops for participants who are tenting.