Creating a Labyrinth

This workshop is part of the summer celebration series: Healing Earth


Saturday, July 15, 9 am – 5 pm

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Classical or Cretan Labyrinth Pattern

A long forgotten mystical tradition is being rediscovered today — the ancient spiritual practice of walking the labyrinth as a mode of meditative prayer and engaging mystery. The sacred geometry of the winding path is a metaphor of our personal spiritual journey and the architecture of the soul.

The labyrinth has a long and complex history, spanning diverse cultural and religious beliefs and practices. Labyrinth designs have been found in archeological excavations, as well as on pottery and tiles, many of which date back as far as five millennia. Patterns are often based on spirals and circles that occur in nature. A feature that labyrinths have in common is that they have one path that winds in a circuitous way to the center. Unlike the maze, labyrinths are designed so that you cannot lose your way. There are not dead ends or false turns. Labyrinths are for finding ourselves, not for being lost.

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in labyrinth work. Labyrinths are often created as spiritual tools, or as a means of engaging a community or group, and as art installations, both temporary and permanent. The design and creation of a labyrinth at Wintergreen will serve all of these purposes.

Participants will work together to design, measure, and create a labyrinth. Then, with the guidance of workshop leader, Drew Strickland, we will walk the labyrinth, and celebrate Wintergreen’s 10th year.  And — symbolically, at least — we will plan and seed the next 10 years for Wintergreen.

“Groove”, Sydenham, ON

The Wintergreen labyrinth will be comprised of a mowed path in one of our sprawling meadows. We intend to create a large center area, so that groups may gather there. We might even plant a tree. Recalling that the labyrinth is not a maze, but a single path to the centre of our inner geography of self, in this introductory session you are invited to gather around the sacred geometry of the labyrinth to experience the millennia-old spiritual practice of walking it as a mode of guided meditation and engaging mystery.

This workshop is for you if you’re curious about learning how to create a labyrinth — perhaps in your own backyard when the workshop is over. The workshop is also for you if you’ve always wanted to know more about the history of the form and the teachings that it offers. Join us for the day. Create. Learn. Walk the labyrinth. Seed your intentions.

About Drew Strickland

“Samhain”, Knox Church, Calgary AB

Drew Strickland, labyrinth facilitator and maker since 2000, has built several labyrinths in classic and innovative styles in western and eastern Canada, been consultant for numerous institutional installations, a facilitator for workshops, graduate seminars, retreats, therapeutic walks, danced sessions integrating various musical styles and soundscapes, and has conducted weddings and worship services on the labyrinth exploring the richness of its sacred geometry. In 2007 his labyrinth work was featured on CBC and Global TV.