Healing Earth: Summer Solstice Labyrinth Walk

This event is part of the summer celebration series: Healing Earth


Thursday, June 21, 7 pm – 9 pm

Windows are rolled down, Sun is rising high, Windows are rolled down, Feel that wind rushing by. 
– Amos Lee, ‘Windows are Rolled Down’ (2011)

• • •


As our ancestors did in times before and our descendants may do in times to come, we honour the old ways. This is the time of the SUMMER SOLSTICE, the celebration of Litha. We warmly usher in the days that are longer than nights and allow ourselves to experience more light in our lives by the grace of the sunshine. But on this longest day of the year, when the warm sun has reached its height and the world around us is abundant and green, we must take the time to honour the great sun as our source of light, and life, as it shines down brightly upon the earth, for we are on the cusp of a great shift.

For now and for always, we must appreciate the light of consciousness within ourselves, and within each and every person on Earth. This is a time to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness both in the passing of day, in the world, and within ourselves as individuals, but also the return to wholeness — in which humankind becomes one, complete and powerfully unified consciousness. In the midst of the warmth, light, and beauty of the summer sun, it is now time to move forward as a whole and to anticipate the coming harvest as the days begin to shorten and we head once again towards winter.

Together we give thanks for the blessings of the great star and prepare our minds and our bodies for the days to come. Take a seasonal pause to recognize the world around you — a simple moment in a time that seems to move so quickly. Let a walk through Wintergreen’s stone labyrinth be an opportunity, within the specific energy of the changing season, to pause and reflect. Whether this is your first experience walking a labyrinth or your hundredth, we encourage you to take the time to listen to your surroundings, especially to those things that speak without words. You may notice that some things will stay the same and some change along the way, but it’s all about taking the time to listen.  

This community event is open to all. Guests will be guided through a walking meditation and come together after to discuss and deepen the process of reflection. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Participation by donation (suggested donation of $20).

REGISTER HERE (just so we can plan for snacks).

If this seems like a wonderful idea, but you don’t want to drive home after the walk and discussion, you  are more than welcome to spend the night at the Wintergreen lodge and enjoy a gourmet breakfast before heading out the next morning  ($80+HST). Please email Monica at info@wintergreenstudios.com to reserve your room.