Westport Trek

This offering is part of the fall celebration series: The Path Ahead


Tuesday September 19 — Thursday September 21, 2017


Wednesday September 20 — Friday September 22, 2017


At your own front door. This is your departure point.

Westport TrekThese words, penned by Peter Muller and Angel Fernandez de Aranguiz, are the opening sentences in Every Pilgrim’s Guide to Walking to Santiago de Compostela. We’ve decided to take that idea literally.

For some years, Wintergreen has been hosting workshops exploring the storied pilgrimage of the Camino. And we continue to do so, as we relish hearing the music and stories from those who have walked the Camino, and help others plan for their first Camino — details about what to pack and expect, but also, a focus on the inner journey that many experience. But not everyone can travel to Spain to experience the Camino. What would happen if we built a Camino right outside our front door?

Not long ago, we were approached by some of our Westport neighbours with the idea that we begin to plan a local trek. And so, the idea for the Westport Trek was born. We’re going to begin small, with a three-day loop that begins and ends in Westport, with the second night being spent at Wintergreen Studios.

Trekkers can start either on September 18 or September 19, and will end on September 21 or 22, respectively. The route will begin at the Westport Free Methodist Church in Westport, and end there three days (and 60 km) later. Participants will be provided with dinner and breakfast at A Thin Space|Camp Iawah the first night and Wintergreen the second. Packed lunches will be provided all three days to fortify trekkers for their next destination.

We’re excited about taking part in this adventure with our Westport neighbours. Our hope is to expand the Westport Trek in the years to come. Next in the plan is a five-day loop, then a seven-day loop, and eventually, a route from Kingston to Ottawa, with Westport linking the two.

Come join us for the inaugural Westport Trek. Registration is limited to six participants for each of the two sessions. Registration fee includes three nights accommodation, two dinners, three breakfasts, and three packed lunches.

Register here for the Westport Trek.