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Wintergreen is pleased to offer a variety of engaging workshops in a supportive, inspiring atmosphere. Workshops in 2017 will be clustered around four seasonal celebration themes, marking the 10th anniversary of Wintergreen. These are the themes.

Winter: Stories that Sustain

Stories that Sustain reflects the fact that we are, fundamentally, a story-telling species. The oral traditions that have been developed over centuries sustain us, and it is easy to forget the power of the spoken world in this age of digital discussions. By story, we mean not only the spoken word, but also sounds and images that tell tales. Our main event will feature Jesse Stewart, who will intersperse music with talkingtelling stories about the instruments and about the music. Along with fellow musician David Mott, whose solo pieces include “The Story” and “Wordless Sonnett,” Jesse and David will lead us in story as we open our 10th year.

Spring: Land Art

Land Art will be a combination of artistic pursuits, including our annual poetry retreat, along with explorations featuring the diversity and health of Wintergreen’s land. One workshop will feature a medicine walk and indigenous teachings about the plants that heal us. We will feature poetry readings from prior participants and instructors, take part in arts explorations various media including drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, found objects, hold our Annual BioBlitz over a five-day period, and culminate with a celebration of the art and the land. 

Summer: Healing Earth

Healing Earth will feature indigenous teachings to help guide and ground our actions as we learn to live in harmony with this small patch of land known as Wintergreen. In so doing, we learn from the Earth, finding, through nature and mindful attention and body work, ways of living well and living lightly. Workshops will include our annual summer drum-making, drum awakening, and community drumming circle. We will also build an outdoor labyrinth as a permanent installation at Wintergreen. Yoga workshops in the meadow are planned, as well as a seminar focusing on power in the climate era.

Fall: The Path Ahead

The final seasonal celebration The Path Ahead, will highlight not only the path ahead for Wintergreen, but also, the path ahead in a larger sense. Discussions around renewable energy initiatives will take place during the fall months, as well as our annual event on the Camino and other long walks. We are planning a three-day pilgrimage walk as well, to take place in September, with a starting and ending point in Westport. The fall workshops will close with a discussion on dying.

2017 Workshops at a Glance

Stories that Sustain

Jan 20: Stories around the Woodstove

Feb 25: Jesse Stewart and David Mott in Concert

Land Art

May 5: Deep Action for Affordable Home Energy

May 6: Anniversary Celebrations – Wintergreen Turns 10!

May 15-21: A Call for Poets: Writing Retreat with Lorna Crozier

May 24-28: BioBlitz 2017

May 24-28: Jesse Stewart: Soundtalk/Soundwalk, Geodesic Dome, Music Jam & Art Installations

June 10: Medicine Walk and Salve Making

Healing Earth

July 22: Drum and Stick Making

July 29: Drum Awakening

September 9: Power in the Climate Era

The Path Ahead

Sept 19-22: Westport Trek: A Three-Day Pilgrimage Walk

Oct 21-22: Stories of the Camino (and other long walks)

October 28: On Dying (details TBD)


Teaching at Wintergreen

If you are interested in offering a workshop at Wintergreen, please download the pdf: Workshop Q & A for potential instructors.