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bringing balance back

Wintergreen Studios is a year-round, off-grid facility that offers retreats, outdoor education opportunities for youth, and workshops about art, literature, and mindful living.

Our publishing arm is called Wintergreen Studios Press. In addition to books, staff have created free resources for teachers.

Wintergreen Studios offers art and sustainable living workshops throughout the year, as well as dinner concerts and seminars.

Our beautiful main building and individuals cabins make the ideal space for working retreats, weddings, and conferences.

To celebrate 10 years in operation, Wintergreen Studios is launching  a campaign to raise funds for three separate programs, all of which are integral to the development and growth of culture and sustainability in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere region of Eastern Ontario.

Wintergreen Turns Ten!

Expand Our Reach Program: aims to bolster Wintergreen’s existing offerings, bringing 10,000 new people to Wintergreen over the next decade. GOAL: $75,000

Artist Fellowship Program: appeals to artists with a record of engaging in community action and includes both a residency and teaching opportunities. GOAL: $30,000

Land Art BioBlitz Program: inspires a sense of wonder in youth, and modeling concrete sustainable behaviours while building hope for the future. GOAL: $45,000

The latest publication from Wintergreen Studios Press is a huge hit with our readers!

Our recent publication, Camino by Peter Coffman, is a stunning book to behold, not just because of the grand photography and the quiet, beautiful prose, but because of the size, the shape and the texture of this lovingly crafted book. Intended to be purchased with Oliver Schroer's CD camino, this book makes the ideal holiday gift for anyone interested in spirituality, art inspired by the land, or the profound power of the inward journey.

Find a mindful, restorative place at last. 

Visit Wintergreen Studios to assess the suitability of our unique space for your wedding, retreat, or workshop or join us for a wonderful evening of art and gourmet food. 

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